mar. Sep 26th, 2023
OMG! This is Cristiano Ronaldo Teammates in Al Nassr

OMG! This is Cristiano Ronaldo Teammates in Al Nassr Prueba nuestro nuevo diseador LITE, camisetas de futbol Oviedo una forma ms rpida y sencilla de personalizar tus camisetas.

Incredible mistakes and bad moments of Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammates in Al Nasr
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46 comentario en “OMG! This is Cristiano Ronaldo Teammates in Al Nassr”
  1. You showed many failures from L.Gustavo, a former champions League player in Europe 😂 This video cut you could create from every top league in Europe, this doesn’t say anything. Ridiculous

  2. He can’t expect them to be EPL or LL or SA standards though. But I get at the heat of the moment, you just wish they can be just a tad more efficient and effective… can’t blame him for being frustrated all the time

  3. I have been watching these games and the worst part is that these little nobodies stops playing every time they lose the ball. They should understand that they are not fucking Messi or Ronaldo. Shut up and play…If I was playing with Ronaldo I would pass him every time he is open. Not in europe but camoon you have a guy that has the most goals in history…

  4. I think he is just bringing in negative energy. he should trust his teammates more and maybe help them instead of shout all the time.

  5. I have watched all Ronaldo’s all matches at al nassr. In my thoughts they just need a good coach. They have good potential but don’t have a proper coach to motivate them and give better tactics on how to pass the ball properly😂

  6. Who is to blame when some of the players do such mistakes they can't even capitalise easy balls in the net, CR7 you tried the best buy unfortunately they say you're the problem

  7. It is so easy for anyone to catch only videos showing mistakes of teammates to show them to peaople as a proof that the player is not in his correct team. By the way, I can do the same (if you want) using clips from the champions league in Europe.

  8. Yes,I believe that Al Nassr will always win if they learn the ART of passing the ball to other team player…Don’t be selfish and arrogant…work unitedly and believe the ability of your co-players….Pass the ball please!

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