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How Cristiano Ronaldo Managed To Expose Everything About Man Utd…

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90 comentario en “How Cristiano Ronaldo Managed To Expose Everything About Man Utd…”
  1. Yes he was right. Man U fans acted as if he was lying when problems with the infrastructure had been addressed years before his return and the glazers and the club has been in a decline for over a decade. Also those players were lazy and lacked discipline on top of getting caught up in embarrassing scandals while Cris lost his baby. They decided to turn on one of their own for a manager who doesnt even have a history of winning to be backed up. Now their stadium is falling apart with the rest of the team. They’re now finishing in 8th place, the worst in their history. If ten hag said he slept well after letting Ronnie go then he’s definitely popping one or two ambien for sleep these days.

  2. At first, I was critical of Cristiano Ronaldo's interview with Piers Morgan as in some sense it tarnished his legacy and imagine, but as time goes by, you wonder why he did it. He basically exposed the state of Manchester United since Sir Alex Ferguson retired and nothing at that football club has changed one bit. The way they've been ran it's been nothing short of a circus and it doesn't help the players and any manager who has come as the environment is unsettling so much uncertainty around them and he isn't wrong on what he's saying. I don't blame Ronaldo for saying that "he has no respect for Erik Ten Hag" because the season after he was their top scorer, he benched him and he saw that as a lack of respect. They unfairly treated him like a scapegoat as his presence in the team and locker room was seen as a problem at United and that's why Ten Hag took him out of the squad because he wanted everything to be about him. The reality is that nobody respects Ten Hag and for a manager that's a problem when your own players don't have any respect for you. He and Ronaldo never saw eye to eye and he could've handled the situation much better and we saw what happened between him and Jadon Sancho and whether it was the player or the manager's fault, I don't care because whatever is going on behind the scenes should be resolved behind closed doors not on social media and to the public.

    The guy doesn't know how to handle big name superstars and he has issue with almost every big name player. He's clashed with Ronaldo Sancho, kicked David De Gea out of the team, dropped Raphael Varane, had a dispute with Alejandro Garnacho and left Marcus Rashford out of the squad for a game and even benched him because he was a couple of minutes late to training because he overslept. Remember when he was at Ajax, one of his former players said that Ten Hag benched him because he had an issue with his hair and he told him to take care of his own hair. A player can have whatever hairstyle they want and when you're a manager and your own players think that they don't have to respect you, his man management has to be in question because guys like Pep Guardiola Sir Alex Ferguson Carlo Ancelotti etc command respect in the dressing room and those are managers that players look up to not Ten Hag. In that area, he's not a great manager and to be honest whatever happens whether he gets sacked or not, let them fire him and if you think that it'll fix Manchester United, I don't know what to tell you then.

  3. The agenda that Ronaldo fans have against Erik Ten Hag is confusing and silly to me and I don't understand it at all. For both parties in the short term, Ronaldo leaving Manchester United was a win win for everyone. The reason for that is because after he left, Manchester United started to play better as they won the Carabao Cup, finished 3rd in the premier league and got to the FA Cup and without Ronaldo there wasn't any more distractions from the media on his role in the team and what they were gonna do to him. On the other hand CR7 was scoring goals for fun in Saudi Arabia as he finished the calendar year of 2023 as the top scorer and also helped Portugal qualify for the EUROs. He obviously had a lot more to give because it's better to be on the pitch than just waste your energy on the bench knowing full well that you have something left to give. I don't know why CR7 fans think that Ten Hag was the problem and if he is, then why did his own country bench him at the World Cup. Fernando Santos made the right call in dropping him because not only did he underperform and have attitude with the manager, his replacement remember scored a hattrick against Switzerland the very first game he was benched.

    After United terminated his contract, he was forced to go to Saudi Arabia as a result of his Piers Morgan interview and no other top team in Europe wanted him because of his wages and inability to accept a sporadic. From a longevity perspective, Manchester United were never a better team without Cristiano Ronaldo and there's a bunch of Ronaldo fans who need to acknowledge that. Anyone who had common sense never believed that he would actually save this team. Did you really think that he would single-handledly solve all of their problems. Obviously, he's well past his prime and if he was still in the premier league, he wouldn't be scoring at the rate in which he's doing in Saudi Arabia because it's a much tougher league and are we forgetting that in the 2021-22 season his first season back at United, Ronaldo scored 24 goals in all competitions, 18 goals in the premier league, yet Manchester United finished 6th. This hypocrisy is very stupid because even if he was in his prime and scores 50+ goals, he won't save the state of Man United, they're just horrible.

  4. Hey skills , be honest the only reason Ronaldo said all those things about the club was because he was benched and was just salty.
    If Ronaldo was not benched and was starting in every match he would not have said a word about the club in the interview.
    That's just facts lmao

    let's not act like he give a f about the club

  5. This is coming from a messi fan, but man u downfall wasnt cr7, de gea or sancho's fault, cr7 and de gea carried united to 5th place but ronaldo couldent carry them to a title, he is old and not in his prime, he needed a united that can provide him the support he needed

  6. He was a top coach when he got to united, Man city wanted him if pep didn't resign. Skills doesn't understand how bad the ownership has been hence they had to bring in Radcliffe in to help the ownership with running the team they spent badly for many years trying to mend over the cracks both figuratively and literally. The team has underperformed and I feel most don't like eachother, they always selfishly shot and don't look for the easy extra pass for goal most of the time. they need to clear out the egos and sign a actual team similar to what arsenal did

  7. When Cristiano leaves a club his fans stay behind praying everyday for it's downfall and annoy it's fans on social, they are just waith and hoping for negative, y'all need to move on because I personally don't have the type of energy and time. 365 day of hate watching is wid LOL

    All the problems Ronaldo mentioned the fans knew, why do you think there was a protest way before he came, Let's not act like Ronaldo didn't do that interview for Rinaldo's sake

  8. United went from having tough leaders such as Roy Keane, Rio Ferdinant to… I don't know who their leaders nowadays anymore. Seems to me just a collection of individual players.

  9. not only was Ten Hag, Man U and Martinez the problem 2020 year for Ronaldo but he also LOST A CHILD! i don’t understand how people forget that he literally had his kid DIE, the mental toll of losing a child + your coaches and organization are throwing you to the wayside for absolutely no reason would have anybody in shambles.

  10. 8th place in the prem is just unaccepable, ronaldo got so much slack even though he carried united on his back in the UCL and his team finished 6th, he was right about every single thing

  11. I don’t understand why people say he shouldn’t have done the interview.

    The interview was not about the club it was about Ronaldo who happened to be associated with the club so obviously United will be mentioned.

    Y’all are acting like Ronaldo was repetitively bashing the club unprovoked when his behaviour was being questioned so he had to respond to the media’s criticism and clarify the reasons behind he’s actions.

    How is this in anyway wrong and uncalled for?

  12. I still don't understand why utd fans were mad at Ronaldo instead of the people at the higher ups
    It's like someone from the government speaking up about how corrupt your government is and instead of being mad at the government you are mad at the person trying to liberate u 😭

  13. There are players who have potential and need to be given time. Lets say Ten Hag is given time, the results may come, but it would because of the budget United have. And Ten Hag isnt a slow burn, he's just an inexperienced manager who if given this time may learn more. But as a manager with no experience with a fairly decent squad you cant be given anymore time than he's already been afforded.

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  15. Is isn't just ten hag..The whole club has become a pile of trash, so much so that new talents and the wonderkids don't even wanna look at united. Sad to say but United as a club ceased to exist after SAF. Might as well find a new team to support.These guys don't deserve the loyal fanbase they have

  16. people ignore that Ronaldo litterly sacrificed the most critical part of his career to help his old club man utd, first by joining them instead of man city, and then by leaving,(even when it was not his fault), to limit the damage, he genuilly loved man utd but unfortunately they met that with betryal and disrespect, (sorry for bad English)

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