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The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Destroyed Lionel Messi and Showed Who Is The Boss

The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Destroyed Lionel Messi and Showed Who Is The Boss Gracias por su apoyo y eleccin de nuestra tienda en la Copa Mundial 2022. camisetas de futbol Toronto FC, Como una tienda en lnea de camisetas de ftbol baratas en la que los clientes VIP siempre han confiado, madridshop continuar tomando la satisfaccin del cliente como la fuerza motriz principal y retribuir a nuevos y habituales clientes con precios asequibles y actividades duraderas.

The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Destroyed Lionel Messi and Showed Who Is The Boss
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99 comentario en “The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Destroyed Lionel Messi and Showed Who Is The Boss”
  1. @Moon Ball Brother i know that ronaldo is a legend it doesnt mean that u disrespect another legend (that too messi).. never forget that karma hits back. u disrespect messi now, next time ronaldo will be disrespected…. if he loses

  2. What a stupid title, especially for a sport that is so thoroughly team oriented. No one scores a single goal or wins a single match without the other 10 players. People who place such emphasis on goals are oblivious to the other 95% of the match where the game is actually won i.e. keeping the ball out of your own net, working the ball out of dangerous areas and up into the midfield, controlling the midfield, working the ball into dangerous areas of the attacking end, creating opportunities and dictating the flow & pace of the game at pivotal moments. Secondly, being one of the greatest goal scorers is not at all the same as being one of the greatest all-around footballers like so many people mistakenly think. One of these players is a phenomenal goal scorer while the other is a phenomenal total footballer and a on a completely different level. The fact that anyone ever believed they were comparable players is ridiculous. I'll leave it up to the youtube peanut gallery to decide which player fits which category, but anyone who really knows the game will know with certainty who the total footballer is.

  3. Everyone knows that Messi is the one and only GOAT, your little videos can't change that. So my brother, just keep crying like a sad boy.
    Messi has a better goal average than Ronaldo (and it's Ronaldo who spends the whole game in the area 🤣), he conducts attacks abysmally better than Ronaldo, he manages the midfield abysmally better than Ronaldo, he dribbles infinitely better, shoots free kicks infinitely better , he makes infinitely better through balls and is known to the world as the GOAT. Live with it b!tch 🖐🏻

  4. 😂tha particular one day is showing everywhere in YouTube 🤷 what if I say Messi destroyed the whole real Madrid including rono ! He toyed with real Madrid 2012 💀 don't compare again ,feel shame

  5. Incrível como o árbitro marca uma grande penalidade contra o Real Madrid que não existe,e não marca uma que existe e ainda expulsa o jogador,mas mesmo assim o Real Madrid venceu e convenceu

  6. All casual indians and other asians who support Ronaldo. They never seen a football game other than ig reels and yt vids. If you arguing with some casual talm bout some "penalty for argentina" with 0 football knowledge in the ig comments, this is what your dealing with👆🏽👇🏽

  7. I can tell that it's fake did anybody notice the jerseys like each picture is a different outfit like That picture of Ronaldo in the bench why is he wearing real madrid's home kit but in the playtime others were wearing some blue

  8. There are many reasons Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo:

    Natural talent: Messi is often considered to be a more naturally talented player than Ronaldo. He is known for his incredible dribbling skills, quick feet, and ability to change direction at lightning speed.

    More consistent: Messi has been more consistent over the course of his career, with a higher number of goals and assists per game, and more consistent performances over time.

    Team play: Messi is often seen as a more team-oriented player, with a focus on creating chances for his teammates as well as scoring goals himself. Ronaldo, on the other hand, is often seen as more of an individualist, with a focus on his own goal-scoring record.

    Attitude: Messi is often seen as more humble and down-to-earth than Ronaldo, who is sometimes criticized for his perceived arrogance and ego.

    Versatility: Messi is capable of playing multiple positions on the pitch, while Ronaldo is primarily a forward. This versatility allows Messi to contribute to his team in a variety of ways.

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