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Is Everton’s 10 point penalty ‘harsh and excessive’? | Soccer Saturday

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The Soccer Saturday panel discuss the news that Everton have been deducted 10 points with immediate effect for a breach of the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules.

Everton say they are «shocked and disappointed» by the ruling and have vowed to appeal.

The deduction, which was meted out by an independent commission and will be imposed with immediate effect, is the largest in the history of the Premier League and plunges Sean Dyche’s team into the relegation zone.

According to the Premier League, Everton admitted during a five-day hearing it was in breach of the league’s profitability and sustainability rules (PSR).

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6 comentario en “Is Everton’s 10 point penalty ‘harsh and excessive’? | Soccer Saturday”
  1. Everton didn’t overspend.
    Long post… be aware!
    Everton proved that they overspent by £87M, not the agreed £105M which was deemed acceptable by the Premier league.
    However, the Premier changed its rules/ findings over anything relating to infrastructure. Previously, the league stated that any business matters around infrastructure, youth development and the women’s team would not be included in FFP.
    Everton began the building of its stadium under these rules.
    The Premier league changed FFP to PSR ( profit & sustainability rules) on the 21st December 2021.
    As a result Everton’s funding of the stadium came under scrutiny, as our owner loaned the club the money for the build ( if we loaned from a bank, we wouldn’t be here today). In doing so, he was able to claim back two payments of £19.5M, thereby putting the club in an overspend of £19.5M, under the new rules.
    Because the goalposts had been moved Everton informed the Premier league of what the league could deem to be a ‘discrepancy’ in its accounting. But believed they were innocent under the old rules, which were in place when the build began.
    None of this would’ve mattered but for the Ukraine war. Everton lost its main Russian sponsor USM and £30M of funding per season. On top of this £200M of funding was in place for naming rights of the stadium by USM, but this didn’t happen. Also the investigation into Everton’s transgression of £19M didn’t take the War into account, which is incredible.
    On a side note… whilst Everton were working with the Premier league, they were under financial restrictions with regards to transfers (so punished), Something they agreed to.
    Again, in doing so, they lost players, important players, for a lot less than they were worth. They also had to let players go for free to come within the PSR rules… more money lost.
    A long comment I know but lastly.
    If Everton hadn’t complied with the PL and been secretive with them, we would’ve kept our players, bought more and probably been mid table in the last two seasons and still incurred a similar punishment. Probably 12pts.
    Very, very lastly… Everton have the 3rd lowest net spend (£38.3M in 5yrs) on transfers in the PL for the past 5 seasons, that includes sides relegated in that period. Only Luton and Brighton (who are in profit) have spent less.

  2. Disagree entirely with the people who say it's too much.

    They should've been punished appropriately when they were found to have breached

    Many clubs where effected by the premier leagues slow response to getting anything done

    And now we are in this situation where 10 points feels harsh on the surface but then you consider they held off on deducting the points until the middle of a season where it's highly likely they will survive anyways due to weaker competition in Luton, Burnley and Sheffield

    Had these teams not been struggling so much or so much weaker on paper then this punishment wouldn't have happened until 'next season'

    It's a punishment that makes the EPL look ruthless but when you step back and fully observe what's happening it's clear it's been done in the most favourable way to Everton as possible

    Especially with the fact that 10 points now is more preferable to them than even a 2 point deduction would've been when they first admitted they broke the rules.

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