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Big Respect To «Cristiano Ronaldo»👏♥️ #shorts #ronaldo #messi #shortsvideo

Big Respect To «Cristiano Ronaldo» #shorts #ronaldo #messi #shortsvideo Ftbol… Qu ms se puede decir que supere lo que genera este deporte en el ser humano? camisetas de futbol Suecia El ftbol es el deporte ms jugado y ms seguido en el mundo. Se calcula que el 4% de la poblacin mundial est involucrada directamente en el ftbol, ya sea jugando (profesional, semi profesional o amateur), trabajando (rbitro, entrenador, etc.) en asociaciones y en clubes, sin incluir a los fanticos que lo siguen.

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  1. This guy literally can buy an entire brewery but chooses to drink water…Meanwhile some people drink away half of their annual salary…Hang on, their one year salary is 0.00001 % of his net worth! 😂😂😂😂

  2. Water is the best source you have dont take something that will harm ur body slowly day by day
    When ur thirsty a juice cannot replace the joy of after drinking a bottle a cold water

  3. This is how ronaldo started drinking water

    His father drank alot of drunk drinks and then ronaldo's father passed away then ronaldo saw all of them drinking drunk drinks and started spliting and he realised this was his father fault so j started drinking healthy water

    Remember guys we all drink water but not drunk drinks

    Respect to Cristiano Ronaldo CR7

  4. I honestly love Ronaldo so much I regret hating him once Allah knows because I never knew that he doesn’t drink alcohol I thought he does because I hate celebs who have tattooos , drinks alcohol goes to parties and cheats on their wives and girlfriends but Cristiano Ronaldo here doesn’t do any he drinks water he’s a good person donates blood dosent go out to parties no alcohol no cheating on irina shayk always does humanitarian work always is kind and polite and affectionate towards fans and people and his beautiful wife Georgina Rodriguez what else so I truly admire Ronaldo so much and let’s hope he always stays that way we all love and support you Ronaldo keep up the amazing work that your doing love from you one and only true fan❤❤❤

  5. Ever since infancy, I have never did drugs, smoked anything, abused any substances or drank any alcohol a day in my life, I am not, and I never will. I have always been and always will be just like Cristiano Ronaldo. He has great will power. Suuuiiii!

  6. Well I rather drink and get to world cup championship finals twice than abstaining and missing out some trophy 😅 ,some of cr7 fans support him due to his physical appearance,handsome,fashion killer not soccer knowledge if you want to know who is messi go to the stadium numbers tell who are real fans of football not social media noise

  7. Muy lindo ronal lo del agua demaciado lindo e ispirador tambien fui fomentador del agua pero , pero la gloria o los triunfos se festejan y en este mundo se festejan c el alcohol q quieras , te la estas perdiendo ronals 😂 ya estas a 1 paso de no glorificarte tomate una 1888😂

  8. Ronaldo es un fenómeno , y puedo decir que después de un mes sin beber Cocacola, mis arterias oxigenan mejor , ahora estoy en mejor forma y seguiré peleando por mantenerme en forma. Gracias Cristiano.

  9. Christiano is the perfect example to all muslims tell me i am lying? No smoke No drugs hard work and talent, i wish Christiano father was still arround to see how great his son has been

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